Understanding You Septic System

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Your septic system is a complex system that most people do not think about until something goes wrong; when this happens, it is important to find a Septic Cleaner Long Island to take care of the problem right away before it turns out worse. Before you are able to choose someone to clean out your septic system, it is important to understand the different sections of this system.

Septic Systems

The first things that you need understand before hiring a septic cleaner in Long Island, is what exactly a septic system is. These systems are comprised of several parts including a primary receiver, also known as the septic tank, and the drainage area, also known as the cesspool or drainage field. Any home, which has been constructed since 1972, will come equipped with a septic tank and this tank will be the primary receiver. Any homes built prior to 1972, and have not had an update, will use a cesspool instead of a septic tank as the primary


How They Work

The next question that arises when understanding a septic cleaner in Long Island is how septic systems work. The process involves the waste water from your home entering the main line in order to leave the boundaries of your home; this main line will then enter the septic tank. This tank will hold all of the waste until it is ready to head for primary treatment; this treatment will involve a process of separating liquids and solids due to gravity. There are natural bacteria, which live in the septic tank, that help to dissolve up all of the liquids and solids present in the holding tanks. While the bacteria are able to help prevent much of the buildup in your septic tank, it is important to keep up on the maintenance of your septic system. Recommendations state that your septic tank should be pumped and cleaned out at least once every two years in order to prevent overflow and other problems associated with septic tanks, which are not maintained.

Learning About Overflow

The cesspool is designed to deal with any water overflow in the septic system in Long Island; if any solid waste or other materials make their way into the cesspool, they will cause a clog in the drainage area. If an overflow happens in your septic system it is important to receive the support and help from a professional to deal with the problem. The professional would be capable of determining if the overflow will require any service; if it does, the professional will recommend which services are necessary and can also provide services such as pumping, draining, aeration, and added any drainage additives in order to restore the problems with the drainage.

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