When most people think of businesses that can accept credit card payments by phone, they typically think of large businesses. Today, the accessibility of mobile phones has made it possible for just about anyone to accept payments through the use of their smartphone, no matter the size of their business. This opens up the amount of business or sales just about anyone can accept because they are able to accept more than a cash or check.

Farmer’s Market Vendors

People who participate in farmer’s markets used to only be able to accept cash. A few brave souls accepted checks, but since there is no guarantee it won’t bounce, many avoided the risks. This left many vendors losing out on a large number of sales simply because most consumers do not carry cash on them. Today, these same vendors can easily accept payments over their smartphone, making it easy to increase sales with little effort.

Household Helpers

Babysitters, chore services or even maids can make use of the ability to accept credit card payments by phone to increase their business as well. While many of these businesses readily accept payment by check, it is inconvenient for the person receiving the service, as well as the vendor. If you want to skip trips to the bank and waiting for a check to clear, access the ability to accept payments on your mobile phone and have the amount deposited directly into your bank account.

 Home Businesses

Many parents today are finding ways to work from home to supplement their income. If you sell handmade items from home or work in direct sales or demonstrations you take on the road, you can increase your sales, as well as decrease the amount of paperwork you have to do when you get home, by processing credit cards right on your mobile phone.

If you are a small business looking for a way to expand your sales or to increase the number of places in which you conduct business, look into the ways you can accept credit card payments by phone. All it takes is your mobile phone to accept the payments, eliminating the need to carry large pieces of equipment or creating a large amount of paperwork to process credit cards when you get home. Everything can be handled electronically, keeping your business easy to conduct and your home free from excessive paperwork.