Two main types of roll-up Garage Door Installations in Omaha NE with remote-controlled opening are available. These are the belt and chain drive models, each of which has certain advantages and disadvantages. Homeowners will want to consider both styles when they are planning to have a garage door installed with an automatic opening system.

The Belt Drive

Belt drive equipment costs more than chain versions, but many people like belt systems because they are quieter. With a rubber belt instead of a metal chain, the equipment may be especially desirable to men and women who have to leave the house or return home when somebody in the home is trying to sleep.

The belt drive types of garage door installations in Omaha NE run more smoothly and typically raise and lower the door faster than a metal version. Chain drive equipment can be a bit shaky and jerky instead of fully smooth.

The Chain Drive

The chain drive has a metal chain attached to a track. One main advantage of the chain system is its lower price. That makes it the most frequently installed opening system.

Belt drives can last longer than chain versions, but that’s primarily because many homeowners don’t bother to maintain the equipment. Chain drives must be lubricated at least yearly. Without this maintenance, the metal can start to corrode. When combined with a less-than-smooth operating style, the weakened chain may break.

Also, this system also should be adjusted if increased jerkiness is noticed since that problem gradually gets worse and puts more wear and tear on the equipment. At some point, the bottom of the door may no longer be level with the floor. The door may only go up or down part of the way unless someone walks over and straightens it. If this problem ever causes cables or chains to break, the pressure from the springs can create a hazardous situation.

Concluding Thoughts

Either type of system can be expected to provide excellent performance for a long time as long as it is installed by a professional contractor such as Spring Kings. Visit website to get an estimate on the project.