It can take a lot of courage to talk to a loved one about alcoholism or drug abuse. The staff at any rehab center in Woodland Hills is asked to answer questions every day about how to start a conversation with a family member about their substance abuse.

There are some ways this conversation can be done which are more natural and less likely to cause the addicted individual to become angry, defensive and hostile. However, simply avoiding the conversation or trying to talk with them when they are drinking or using drugs is not going to help the situation.

Start by knowing a bit out the rehab center in Woodland Hills you think would be a good match for your loved one. This way if the conversation is successful you have a website, a brochure or a phone number to provide which will help them to learn more about the treatment facility.

Don’t Shame or Blame

It will not work to try to blame or shame a person into a rehab center in Woodland Hills. He or she has to enter into the treatment program to make changes which are important on a personal level.

Avoid blaming the individual for problems in the relationship, the family or even in their ability to stay employed. When you try to blame or criticize your message is lost in the “I told you so” or “I know what is best for you” tone.

Ask About Goals and the Future

Going back over past incidents is not helpful, rather talk about relevant issues and how the addiction is impacting these positives in life. For example, you may want to talk about how you want to person to be in your life in the future and what you want to be able to do together.

By focusing in on goals for the future, particularly mutual goals, and things you know the person values and enjoys you are creating an environment which opens up the possibility of change.

Focus on Observable Behavior

When you are talking about attending a rehab center in Woodland Hills, often the individual will demand you provide specifics about their behavior. When this happens, focus in on just the behavior you saw, not about why you assume they engaged in the behavior.

You may want to say “Last week when we got together you were really angry with me after a couple of drinks. I really value your friendship, and I don’t want to argue or have problems. I notice this is only an issue when drinking, what do you notice?”

Having information about a rehab center in Woodland Hills available if the individual indicates and interest to acknowledge there is a problem is important. Again, you don’t want to come across as telling them what to do, but just let them know you care and are there to help in any way you can.