Your pool represents a sizable investment. If it leaks, that investment can quickly become a liability. Fix it with a pool leak repair in Staten Island, NY.

Services for Detecting a Pool Leak

If you think you have a leak in your pool, conduct the bucket test. Put a bucket of water next to the pool and mark the water level in the bucket and the pool. Wait 24 hours, then check both levels. If the pool loses more water than the bucket, you probably have a leak. Then have that leak professional detected using services that include:

• Pool divers make underwater pool repairs

• Pin-pointing leaks in underground pipes

• Underwater patch repairs to vinyl liners

• And more

Have every inch of your pool checked for leaks without removing any water.

Underwater Repairs

Highly skilled swimming pool divers perform leak detection and repairs. Services pool divers perform include:

• Patch repair vinyl liners

• Epoxy repair leaks in Gunite pools

• Underwater repair of fiberglass pools

• And more

Go back to swimming the same day repairs are performed.

Pools in New Jersey

They also perform pool inspections in NJ. Services provided include:

• Pool Pump Inspections

• Pool Cleaning Equipment Inspections

• Pool Drain Inspections

• And more

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