Tips For Preventing Damage After You Call A Water Leak Repair Service

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Plumbing

Coming home to find a pipe is leaking in your Alpharetta, GA, home is something every homeowner worries about, particularly in an older home. There are several steps that a homeowner can take after discovering a leak to help prevent additional damage while waiting for the water leak repair service to arrive.

These are simple steps, and you do not need to be a plumber or to have any special tools. Of course, calling the water leak repair service is a priority, and someone in the family can always do that while others take the following steps.

Determine the Location of the Leak

If possible, determine the source of the leak. If it is a tap or a fixture, such as a toilet, find the shut-off valve on the water inlet line to that fixture. This is usually under the sink or immediately behind the toilet. There will be one to the hot water tank as well. Turning this off will prevent any further water damage in the area.

If you cannot determine the location of the leak, or if the main water line has burst, turn off the main water valve. This can be in different locations based on the home, but it is a large valve that either has a lever-like handle or a wheel handle. The lever on turns just ¼ turn to the off position, so the handle is no longer parallel to the pipe. The wheel type valve is turned clockwise, usually about 2 or 3 turns.

Remove Items

While the Alpharetta, GA, plumbers are on their way, removing any items that may be damaged by water is also a good idea. This includes furniture, boxes, upholstered items, area rugs, or even the artwork on the walls if the leak is in an upper bathroom.

Once the water leak repair service arrives, they can assess the situation and make the necessary repairs. Be sure to allow all flooring and walls to dry completely before replacing items to prevent mold growth and musty odors.

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