Usually, it’s not easy or obvious to realize that a friend or loved one is struggling emotionally. It can be challenging to balance all the demands in your life such as work, school, and relationships. Therefore, it can be challenging to realize when a friend is struggling with everyday challenges or is struggling with substance abuse, depression, or anxiety. Unfortunately, most people struggling with mental issues rarely ask for help. Here are ways you can tell that a friend needs help handling emotional issues.

Sleep Problems

Studies reveal that close to 80% of people with depression struggle with insomnia. Such people also have early morning awakenings, but most people overlook this sign. If your loved one is complaining of recurring nightmares or other sleep disruptions, you need to reach out and help. It is an indication of posttraumatic stress or anxiety. You can help your friend to seek mental health treatment in Minnesota.

Emotional Outbursts

People have different moods. Similarly, everyone goes through these moods from time to time. However, you should notice a red flag if someone close to you goes through sudden and dramatic mood changes, such as anger and extreme distress. It is an indication of a mental illness that should be addressed right away.

Feeling Worthless or Guilty

Thoughts of feeling worthless or as a failure are indications of a mental health problem like depression. If your friends keep complaining that things are their fault, even when they are not, then they need mental health treatment in Minnesota. When the problem is severe, people express feelings of killing or hurting themselves.

One or two signs do not necessarily indicate a mental illness. However, they are warning signs that the person needs further evaluation. Therefore, you should step in and help your friend to see a mental illness expert for assessment and treatment. You can call Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc., at today for help.