Tips for Employers While Selecting a Recruitment Agency

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Careers And Jobs

Using reputed recruitment agencies is a good option for every employer. It is a very efficient and cost effective recruitment process. There are numerous agencies that help the job seekers to find desired jobs. You can sign up with a reputed recruitment agency and conveniently get the right employees for your business. These are some tips that will help an employer to find the most suitable recruitment agency.

Ask them about their CV policy:

Some of the recruitment agencies just send across dozens of CV’s that are stored with them. However, as an employer you need to look for an agency that will make your job of employee selection easier. Therefore while assessing various recruitment agencies, ask them about their CV policy. Short list those, who have a firm and sound policy. You can even opt for reputed agencies with a definite CV policy and in most cases they will give you a rough idea about the number of quality CV’s in advance.

Get a good idea about their charges:

These days, most of the agencies charge only if you select and employ one of their candidates. However, you need to understand the way your recruitment agency is charging you for the jobs. Generally it is calculated as a percentage of the first year’s salary and also depends upon several other factors. These factors include the level of the role or job, industry and location. Some agencies often charge a fee that ranges between 10% and 30%. However you may look for a rebate structure. This is essential as not all the candidates you offer employment to, are going to stay with the company for a long time. Therefore you need to ensure that in such cases you can reclaim some of the fees paid to the agency.

Look for the customer testimonials:

Customer testimonials help you to understand the quality of the services offered by the agency you are about to deal with. In many case, a lot of time is wasted in explaining them about your company and services, and the kind of jobs you offer. You can easily avoid this by looking for agencies that have successfully dealt with clients in businesses similar to your own.

The number of agencies:

If your agencies are appointed on a contingency basis, you can easily afford to have a small number of them. This will enable you to maximize exposure of vacancies to the suitable candidates looking for jobs. You can easily start with 3 to 5 recruitment agencies and add more later, if you require.

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