Three Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Garage Door

Your garage door is among the most frequently used equipment in your home. You probably operate your garage door at least twice a day. A functional garage door is among the conveniences of modern life. The last thing you want to deal with in the morning or evening is a faulty garage door opener. Garage door openers are sturdy devices; however, they don’t last forever. If your garage door opener is indicating these signs, it could be time to hire a professional for replacement services.

Excessive Noise

The motor in your door opener has trouble opening your garage door over time. Usually, it happens when the engine is worn-out and needs a replacement. Therefore, you need to talk to Chicago garage door repair professionals if you have noticed unusual sounds when opening or closing the door. Some of the noises include clanking, creaking, or squeaking. They indicate an issue with the door opener.

Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Several things could be the reason why your garage door is not opening. A defective door opener could be among these causes. When you hear the motor whir, yet the door is not opening, your opener could be malfunctioning. Also, if you push your door opener and nothing happens, you need to call a professional for repairs or replacement.

Sluggish Movement

You don’t expect your garage door to open at an extremely high speed; however, if the garage door takes a longer time than the usual to rise and close, it could be an indication that the opener is faulty. The door opener could be experiencing challenges lifting the door’s weight. In that case, you should hire Chicago garage door repair experts for replacements.

A faulty door opener is risky if it stops functioning when the garage door is in motion. Therefore, make sure you hire Roberts Garage Door Professionals of Chicago today for repair as soon as you notice these signs. An utterly dead opener could also mean that your car will be stuck inside or outside the garage.

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