Mold Remediation And Repairs For Drywall In Los Angeles

by | Sep 24, 2019 | home-improvement

Cellulose is the main material used to manufacture drywall. This material is susceptible to mold growth, especially if the drywall becomes wet. A company that provides mold remediation, repair, and painting services will assist with renovations needed to prepare a home that is going to be listed with a real estate agent.

Inspection And Mold Remediation

Drywall in Los Angeles will be inspected for mold growth. A stale odor and staining are the two characteristics that identify a mold issue. Mold often occurs after water damage. Mold remediation services are required to meet safety and regulatory standards. Technological equipment is used to determine what type of mold is present and its source. A testing kit is used to collect samples.

The samples are sent to a lab for further inspection. A client will receive a detailed report that explains the current condition of the residence that was inspected. Before mold remediation begins, information will be passed on that will assist with keeping a client safe. Since mold can cause respiratory distress or sickness, a homeowner may be advised to stay out of the residence until the remediation process is complete.

Also, the information will be provided about drywall repairs that are needed and paint options that are available. Cracks or holes that are in drywall will be repaired. A customer can choose a custom or standard color of paint that will complement the woodwork or crown molding inside of a home.

Additional Services

It can be time-consuming to clean the inside or outside of a home before listing the residence through a real estate agency. A crew that prepares the drywall can also assist with additional cleaning and repair needs. Pressure washing, steam cleaning, hauling trash, and moving furniture and household items to another location are some popular services that a home or business owner may be interested in.

Request a free estimate for Drywall in Los Angeles and additional services when an initial appointment is set up. Describe the condition of the home and the areas that need attention. A representative from the business will provide detailed information about the cleaning and repair steps that will be conducted. Contact CC Cleaning/Maintenance, Inc. for more information.

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