The Year-Round Need for Air Conditioning Repair Services

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Heating Contractor

There are few places in the U.S. where air conditioning year-round is as important as it in the Texas areas. Being in the Texas region, cold weather is not frequent. In fact, it’s much more common for a homeowner to be running the air conditioner in their home in January than the heater. That places a significant premium on professional Air Conditioning Repair services.

Year-round AC Repair Services

For people up north, once the calendar reaches October, the need for home air conditioning is virtually non-existent. However, in Texas, air conditioning is a year-round need. So, if a person’s home air conditioner starts acting up, the services found at their website are at the ready.

Coolant Issues

Because the demands of air conditioners are so significant in Texas, there are many issues that can crop up. The refrigerant that is housed in a compressor unit can slowly begin to evaporate over time. This can lead to the air conditioner being unable to produce cold air, especially during the day. Whether the refrigerant has evaporated or leaked out, which is also a common issue, the system will need to be recharged and any possible leaks will need to be addressed. Running a compressor for too long with low levels of coolant can damage the compressor itself.

Faulty Cooling Fans

Another common issue with forced air conditioners, which are typically the system used in Texas homes, is a problematic cooling fan. When air is cooled by flowing across cooling coils, that air is amplified by a high-power fan that forces the air up into the vent system. Over time, with so much use, these fans begin to slow down. This causes a weak flow of air into the vent system, and this can greatly reduce the forcefulness of the air coming out of the vents. In these cases, replacing the fan unit is the only option.

Air Conditioning Repair Service in Austin, TX can often be much more challenging than it seems. While these two issues represent the most common problems, there are various other problems that can crop up. That’s why using expert repair services that understand forced air systems and the various propensities they have for breakdowns is so vital. It helps a homeowner avoid being without air conditioning in their home when they need it.

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