What You Need to Know About Furnace Installation Services in Chicago

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Heating Contractor

Replacing your old, outdated furnace with a new energy-efficient model is exciting. But are you ready for the installation process? Here are some things you should know about furnace installation services in Chicago.

HVAC Specialists Perform a Heating Assessment

Many people simply replace their existing furnace with an updated version of the same model. However, this isn’t the best practice. Let furnace specialists complete a heating assessment, which includes evaluating your ductwork, insulation, and home size. All these factors must be considered to ensure you purchase a heating system that’s the right size for your home, not too big or too small.

Prepare for Installation Day

Your HVAC installers do the bulk of the work on installation day, but they need your help, too. Before the installers arrive, you want to ensure they have enough room to work. Remove anything in the way of your current heating system. Also, clear a path from entry to the workspace. If the installers have to go through a front to a utility room, make sure you have furniture and anything else out of the way to make it easier for them to bring in the new equipment.

Take the Day Off

You need to be home for furnace installation to answer questions and ensure your home’s secure if the installers need to leave for a while. Take a vacation day, or if you work from home, don’t plan Zoom calls or other meetings.

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