Unique interiors are hard to design, and it seems like very cool idea has already been done. However, there is one beautiful, modern, and cool idea that is blooming in the world of interior design: vertical wall gardens!

What Is a Vertical Wall Garden?

Indoor vertical gardens in New York are actually made of fully preserved, natural plants. The preservation process involves replacing the sap with a natural preservative that still allows the plant to keep its natural look, shape, and color. These green plants are then placed on a vertical surface, such a wall or a partition, where there serve as an all-natural focal point.

Where Can a Wall Garden Be Installed?

Vertical garden walls can be installed and used in almost every type of setting and business. Each plant is individually placed by hand to create a unique look. These types of wall gardens are perfect for boutiques, office lobbies, cafes, waiting areas, and much more.

Are Wall Gardens Hard to Care For?

No, they are not hard to care for at all! These types of preserved plants actually require no care. You don’t need to water or mist them ever. They also don’t need light or irrigation. Once your wall garden is installed, the plants can last for up to 7 years. These plants stay green and lush without any effort on your part. And as there is no soil involved, you never have to worry about bugs.

To learn more about getting your own indoor vertical garden in New York, visit the Naturalist at https://www.naturalist.us/.