When you look into Southern University Baton Rouge apartments, you have the opportunity to share an apartment with roommates who are also attending the university. Of course, you want to make sure sharing an apartment is a great experience for everyone. Use the following tips to make living in your student apartment with roommates go smoothly.

Compromise On Decorating

You have the opportunity to decorate spaces such as the living room and kitchen with accessories, but you want to ensure everyone is compromising on the decorative pieces. If you take the time to discuss decor with your roommates, you may find you have some common ground. For example, you may realize you all enjoy cooler shades or seasonal decor. Remember, you can save the personal decor for your bedroom.

Assign and Rotate Chores

Another idea is to assign chores that rotate weekly. However, chores such as making dinner and doing the dishes should rotate nightly instead of weekly. You can also recommend each person handling their own laundry. It is important to work with your roommates to rotate the chores because they may have different class schedules. This way, everyone is sharing in the workload without feeling too stressed.

Plan For Grocery Shopping

You also want to create a plan for grocery shopping that works for everyone. One idea is for everyone to pitch in for basic groceries to share, but you can purchase your own snacks to keep in your bedroom. You should also decide if the grocery shopping is going to be a rotated chore or if everyone is going to do the grocery shopping together. Remember to also create a shopping list and meal plan to make it easier to shop.

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