The Problem With Termites

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An infestation of termites might be a homeowner’s biggest nightmare. Buy why? It may seem unreasonable that such a tiny insect can cause so much alarm and damage, but it is only the truth. These tiny little “buggers” can create a world of damage to the foundation and structure of your home, and it is probably a wise idea to be informed and ready to contact a Yorba Linda termite control company when necessary. Here are a few facts you may want to know about termites.

One of the biggest problems with termites is that they are so small and often go unnoticed until there is already a lot of damage. You may not even know you have a termite infestation until they have already completely covered your home. They dwell in large colonies of generally thousands of termites, but they stay in covered and often undetectable areas. This can make the job of getting rid of termites much more difficult.

So why are they so harmful? The main problem with termites is that they consume and demolish wood, potentially causing major damage to many areas in your home. When left unmanaged, termites can go almost completely through entire beams of wood. Imagine the damage that could cause to your home. Sometimes one of the first things you will notice when you have an infestation of termites is a few tiny holes beginning in a door or another structure of wood. As soon as you notice such damage, it is generally a good idea to contact a Yorba Linda termite control company to get the problem taken care of before it gets too late.

Beyond the damaged wood, there are a few little signs you might be able to notice with termites. This is a big “might”. Termites often go completely undetected, but with a watchful eye you may get lucky. As winged termites swarm, they discard their wings. Although they are small, you might be able to see small wings on the floor. Just pay attention to what goes into the pile when you sweep. Tiny fecal pellets are also a good clue that you have termites in your home.

There are a few things you can do to prevent termites, but once they are in your home, it is generally best to just contact a Yorba Linda Termite Control company. Try to keep your home clean and free of excess moisture. It is also a good idea to check the foundation of your home to make sure you don’t have any openings. Don’t leave wood piles sitting around your home and clean your gutters.


Termites are not just a pesky bug. These insects can cause a huge amount of harm to your foundation and your home. Contact a Yorba Linda Termite Control company today. Your Yorba Linda Termite Control company has the tools to get your home successfully termite free.

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Problem With Termites

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