As long as there are creative minds looking to build new things, there will always be a need for basic transistors. Transistors are semiconductor devices that are used for switching or amplifying electronic signals and electrical power, and they are used in every possible application an inventor or scientist would need electronically. A supplier of electronic components and hardware supplies 2N2222 transistors in New York for commercial, military, industrial, as well as individual customers. Here is a look at some of the uses for the common transistor.

The Uses of the Common Transistor

The 2N2222 transistor is called the common transistor because it is used in so many applications that users buy them by the dozens and the hundreds. The transistor is used mostly in low-power switching or amplifying applications and can be easy to blow, which is why a user would have so many on hand. The transistors are widely purchased by semiconductor companies that manufacture electrical and electronic equipment for customers, such as a transistor being first featured in the transistor radio in 1954. Since then, the transistors are used in every known electronic device.

More Uses for the Common Transistor

The transistors are also used in the industries where they manufacture microprocessors, computers, tablets, electronic books, and smart technology devices such as televisions, watches, cell phones, and GPS systems. Scientists and engineers whose jobs are to further develop existing technologies will employ these transistors in their many experiments until they arrive at the desired results. The military employs many transistors in the development of scientific analysis devices, surveillance equipment, and missiles that require electronic detection devices.

Getting Transistors by the Bulk

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