Electronic Component Storage Solutions in Massachusetts

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Electronic Parts Supplier

For companies in Massachusetts that work with electronic components, having the best rack for transporting boards without damage or a contaminating discharge is an important investment. Just a slight bit of damage or disruption can affect product reliability and ultimately cost the business. A board storage solution, such as a 222972 magazine rack in Massachusetts, from a reputable supplier in the region is important.

Some things to look for are:


A high-quality rack should be able to accommodate boards without distressing them. Whether its variations or adjustability, it needs to be able to handle different kinds of boards, consequently saving costs in terms of conserved floor saving space without the need for multiple kinds of racks.

Durable Construction

Circuit boards will need to withstand transportation, so racks should have a sturdy and protective design and construction. Even though workplace walkways may be even, movement and potential contact with obstacles can affect the contents. Consequently, guards against crushing and impact are a wise option.

Suitable Materials

In addition to impact protection, a rack could do well with a foam lining that dissipates static as well as protects against bumps and knocks. Slots for boards that can handle temperatures and protect against electrostatic discharge, whether installed later or original, constitute an optimal design.

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