The best replacement Wholesale Auto Glass Chula Vista

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

If you think that vehicles need auto glass replacement, then you need to find the best place where you can locate Wholesale Auto Glass Chula Vista. There are lots of companies that can offer wholesale buying of auto glass, but you need to check first the quality of their products. Wholesale buying is good if you have a car rental company or you own many cars inside your garage. Once you find the right company to trust and you are satisfied with the quality of their auto glass, you need to proceed with the deal. There are three options where you can find high quality auto glass.

  1. Dealer Glass- this is one of the most expensive choice. Auto glass from the dealer comes from certified car dealership of your specific automobile brand. If it is still covered by the warranty period, then you can easily opt for auto glass replacement from your car dealer. Once the warranty period has ended, then you need to pay huge amount of money once you choose to get auto glass from them.
  2. Original Equipment Manufactured Glass Distributor- these are products that very close to the original one with similar color, thickness, size, but the quality is still questioned because it depends on the manufacturer. There are OEM manufacturers that produces high quality one, but you can also encounter OEM with very low quality. There is a higher chance that you can get high quality OEM product for a very affordable price especially if it is wholesale. There are manufacturers of OEM which is authorized by some brands of vehicles.
  3. Aftermarket Glass- these are auto glass manufactured by illegal companies they cannot manufacture products with the same specification that is very close to brand cars. There are products with different specification, but still it is very close to the original one. The downside is that they do not provide warranty that you can get from a dealer and OEM manufacturers. These products are very cheap, but have lots of drawbacks such as optical distortion, leakage, and imperfect fit. Buying these items will just cost you more than buying from a dealer of OEM manufacturers.

If you need wholesale auto glass, it is better if you will opt for dealer of OEM manufactures to ensure quality and get the warranty that you need. It is best to become a wise buyer than to end up spending more money.


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