You have probably heard plenty about how wonderful CBD products can be for your personal health. However, you may have heard significantly less about how good it is for your pet’s health, if you have heard of it at all. There are, in fact, plenty of great benefits that CBD pet tinctures can bring to your furry friend.

Helps WIth Cancer

Many clinical studies have shown that when dogs are given CBD oil, it can decrease the speed at which the cancer cells grow. In some cancers, the growth has been stopped completely. It also aids in relieving the pain that pets can feel from cancer.

Increased Appetite

There are many conditions that a dog might develop which can wreak havoc on their appetite. Of course, if an animal is not eating enough, its health will subsequently decline as well. By ingesting CBD products, their appetite may exponentially increase so that they get the necessary nutrients that their bodies crave.

Lower Blood Pressure

Some pets may suffer from hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure. When left untreated, this medical condition can lead to blindness, heart disease, or strokes. By using CBD pet tinctures, you are giving your furry loved one a chance to naturally lower its blood pressure without the need for potentially harmful medications. This goes a long way to maintaining their good health.


As a pet ages, it is only natural that they develop arthritis, much like its human counterparts. CBD tinctures are reliable to relieve the pain that forms in the joints when arthritis sets in.