Water sprinkler systems help forgetful homeowners keep their lawns watered well. But sometimes things go wrong, and people search the internet for “water sprinkler repair near me in Sun City West, AZ.” Here are the signs it’s time to get the sprinkler system serviced.

Uneven Watering

When spray heads need adjustments or repairs, people might notice their yards are getting watered unevenly. They might see large patches of dry grass or areas where the grass is completely saturated with pools of water in these places.

Water Pressure Issues

Does the sprinkler not seem to be putting out as much water as usual? Control valves, regulators, and water pipes can cause water pressure problems. While most people notice low water pressure, also stay alert for high water pressure. When water pressure is too high, it can also damage the water sprinkler system.

Off-Target Watering

When water starts sputtering from the sprinkler heads, this might signify a cracked head. Any off-target watering should be addressed by an irrigation professional. If the head isn’t broken, there could be a valve or pressure issue.

Excessively High Water Bill

It costs money to keep a lawn sufficiently watered, but one’s water bill shouldn’t skyrocket overnight. If this happens, there could be a leak in the system, causing water to drain from its pipes and money to drain from one’s bank account.

Don’t wait to Google “water sprinkler repair near me in Sun City West, AZ.” The problems will only get worse and cost more money to fix!