The Benefits of Photorejuvenation

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Photorejuvenation can help your clients reduce facial imperfections, such as skin discolorations, birthmarks, unwanted facial hair, small veins, and other skin problems. Photorejuvenation uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat facial imperfections. Purchasing photorejuvenation beautician equipment can offer your clientele an important service for keeping skin young and vibrant looking. It is a great option for your customers who want a non-surgical option for treating skin conditions.

IPL or photorejuvenation treatments require very little recovery time and have few side effects, making it an attractive option for your customers looking for skin treatments. As a beautician, you will enhance your services to your customers by offering treatments with the most up-to-date skin care equipment and procedures available.

Photorejuvenation uses intense laser beams of plasma energy. These energy beams are applied to the outer layer of skin through IPL treatments and get rid of the patient’s unwanted skin cells. The targeted cells are destroyed while leaving the surrounding healthy skin cells untouched. After photorejuvenation treatments, new skin cells will grow to replace these damaged cells. Your clients who receive this treatment will be sure to tell you how it has left their skin younger and more radiant looking.

You will be able to offer assurance to your customers that IPL treatments they receive with IPL beautician equipment are safe. Most patients experience very little discomfort during this procedure. There may be some slight stinging discomfort with the light pulses along with a little swelling. Theses minor side effects should subside either the same day or within a few days of treatments.

One thing you will hear from your customers are success stories. Photorejuvenation can produce positive results for your customers beginning a few days after treatments. Experiences will vary, but many people notice a marked improvement in acne, skin discoloration, unwanted facial hair, and other skin problems. Some patients take longer than others to see positive results.

When you begin using this type of beautician equipment, you can offer your customers as many photorejuvenation sessions as they need of to achieve their desired results. Often, it can take up to six treatments before customers are satisfied with the results of the treatment. Another selling point for IPL treatments is that they can be used to treat several skin conditions at one time. This is of great benefit to your customers, as it will save them time and money in not having to undergo multiple types of procedures to treat their skin problems.

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