The Benefits of a Hosted VoIP PBX System

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Communications

The private branch exchange is vital for any size company to operate successfully. Having a telephone system that is able to switch calls between the various extensions of the company through the use of automated greetings and touch-tone menus is crucial to top quality and immediate customer service. A traditional PBX system is owned and operated by the company using it and requires a lot of overhead and usage of resources. A hosted VoIP PBX system, on the other hand, offers companies ease of use, as well as affordability without sacrificing any functions.

How It Works

Hosted VoIP PBX works differently than the standard PBX mostly because the hardware that runs the system does not reside at your company; it resides at the host company. Having the equipment off-site takes the burden off your company to have the employees and equipment off you. All users in your company would connect to the PBX system through the Internet broadband connection, allowing employees to connect wherever they are.


Because your system is hosted at the service company, they are responsible for all maintenance of your system, as well as ensuring all incoming and outgoing calls are operating correctly. This takes the burden off you and your employees to take the time to understand the system, how it works and how it gets repaired. This could be a significant cost savings for your company.

High Quality

VoIP phone systems are known for their high-quality transmission of data with no interruption. This allows your company to have conversations with customers and vendors that are clear and not filled with crackles and disruptions, allowing you to maintain a professional image.


Today, most businesses operate in a mobile environment. Whether you have many salespeople who travel often to make sales or you have employees who telecommute, you need the option to stay connected to everyone, regardless of their location. The hosted VoIP PBX system does not require employees to stay near their landline phone to get that important phone call. All any employee needs is an Internet connection to have their phone connected to the system, keeping them in sync with the office and customers at all times. If your company utilizes a standard PBX system and is ready to move to the latest technology, you will realize many benefits by making the switch to a hosted VoIP PBX system. The decreased need for overhead, extensive use of resources and increased ability to become mobile will be beneficial to you and your employees, making the switch a smart choice.

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