Residential Construction in Minocqua, WI for People Seeking Greater Home Satisfaction

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Some men and women who love their community and region are not particularly satisfied with their home. If they own a house, they might decide to have it remodeled substantially for major changes. In other cases, remodeling won’t solve some of the fundamental issues they have with the place. They might hire a contractor for Residential Construction in Minocqua WI if they like the idea of having a brand new home customized to their preferences.

A Bigger House

In many cases, the homeowners would like a bigger house but there isn’t a feasible way to accomplish this on their lot. Sometimes they have an idea for a master bedroom suite with doors opening onto a patio, along with a large bathroom that has a garden bathtub and a double shower. This may be impossible with the home’s design and its placement on their lot.


The customization of floor plans and features gives these individuals the chance to be really creative and have fun with the process. They might include some hidden features like a playroom under a stairway, for instance. A talented contractor providing service for Residential Construction in Minocqua, WI appreciates the opportunity to do this kind of work.

The Process

The process usually moves from an ideas list and concept drawings to finished, precise construction drawings. The clients may find features in online photos or in magazines that they can show the contractor. They may like a particular feature they’ve appreciated in a friend’s home but have not seen elsewhere.

Sometimes these men and women have their ideas list and concept drawings completed long before they buy a residential lot. They may be saving up their money for the down payment on the lot and a home mortgage. They also might not have found their ideal lot yet and are waiting for additional land to be placed on the market.

Finding a Contractor

Contractors such as Larry Meyer Construction Co. LLC. complete remodeling projects for clients and also provide new home building services, specializing in higher-end houses.

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