Some psychiatrists and other medical doctors prescribe benzodiazepine drugs for patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. This practice is controversial, however. Some studies have found the medications to be relatively ineffective at reducing symptoms. In addition, the potential for dependence and misuse is concerning. A benzodiazepine abuse therapist in Navarre FL helps clients who have become dependent on these drugs and wants to stop taking them.

The Ongoing Debate About Benzodiazepines

Mental health professionals are locked in a debate about whether benzodiazepines are actually helpful for PTSD patients. Some prescribe them because the drugs allow people to sleep better while also feeling less anxious and irritable. Other mental health experts say these medications actually can worsen PTSD over the long term. A benzodiazepine abuse therapist in Navarre FL may become necessary during the gradual reduction of dosage to wean the person off this medication.

About Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepine dependency and abuse are common. Doctors most commonly prescribe drugs like diazepam, alprazolam and clonazepam for patients with generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder, and for those who would benefit from the occasional use of these sedatives during unusual stress. The drugs are better known by their brand names that include Xanax, Klonopin and Valium. Patients sometimes begin taking higher doses to maintain the effects. Quitting the drug suddenly can be hazardous after a person has become dependent on it.

More Effective Treatments

Psychotherapy has proved to be more effective than this type of drug treatment. Research shows that if prescription medication is to be used, antidepressants are a better option.

Problems for PTSD Patients

Although benzodiazepines are useful for other types of anxiety disorders, the effects are problematic for PTSD patients for a few important reasons. They seem to prevent patients from learning how to effectively cope with triggers, for example. They have negative effects on memory and learning, making it difficult for patients to implement newly learned strategies for managing symptoms. In these patients, research has found increases in depression and aggression when taking benzodiazepines. Anyone who is dealing with dependency on these drugs and wants to quit may Visit Business Name online.