Recovering From Mold Damage In Pasadena

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Recovery from mold damage in Pasadena requires cleaning, disinfecting the affected area as well as identifying the root cause to effectively prevent any future mold damage. You might need to do a mold test as the treatment of the mold depends on the type of mold as well. It is highly recommended to hire professionals for removing the mold growth it requires subject matter expertise for complete removal of the mold and restoration of your house. This article provides more detail on the mold inspection, cleaning and disinfection.

Inspection For Mold Damage In Pasadena

It is important to identify the root cause of the mold growth and to inspect the damaged are to determine the extent of the damage. A mold inspection by professionals will help to identify both. A small area affected by mold damage is less than 10 sq feet per patch and up to three mold patches. If left unchecked a small area can easily get larger over time. A moderate area is also up to 10 sq feet but will have more than three patches. One of the patches could be larger than 10 sq feet but smaller than 32 sq feet. An extensive area with mold impact is the one with a single patch which is larger than 32 sq feet. If you notice mold patches in your house, consult with a specialist as molds pose potential health hazard to the surrounding areas.

Identify salvageable items after mold damage in Pasadena

Consult with a qualified professional about the items that can be salvaged after mold damage in Pasadena. Since different types of molds have different affects on the items, a mold test helps to determine the items that can be salvaged and the ones that must be discarded. Molds can cause health hazard so any items that are related to personal use must be given special attention and treated carefully. Make sure that the following categories on items are inspected thoroughly:

  • Any toys or usage items for children and infants
  • Any items that are used in the kitchen for cooking or eating
  • Appliances that carry food items like freezer or refrigerator
  • Personal use items like linens and clothes

Cleaning And Disinfecting Mold Damage In Pasadena

All the hard surfaces must be washed with hot water and non ammonia based detergent. A stiff brush can be used for rough surfaces. Materials that are porous should be dried completely after cleaning and disinfection. Wet the mold prior to cleaning to prevent it from getting air-borne. Disinfection is the next step after cleaning. Use a solution of bleach and water on the surface with mold damage and leave it for at leat 10 minutes. Rinse with clear water and let it dry completely.

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