Reasons To Have Vacation Rental Insurance In Lake Tahoe

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Vacation rentals can be a great investment and financial asset. Just like your home you should insure your vacation rental to protect your investment. Rental properties of any kind are often damaged by tenants. Having adequate insurance coverage can help to protect your assets and keep your rental property in proper condition for future tenants. If you plan to rent out your vacation property you may benefit from having vacation rental insurance in Lake Tahoe. Here are a few reasons and types of coverage you may want to consider when looking for vacation rental insurance in Lake Tahoe.

Personal liability coverage is one thing you should consider for your vacation rental property. Personal liability coverage will help protect you and your investment if someone is injured on your property. For instance, if a tenant slips and falls or has any other type of injury while on your property, you will likely be covered for most liabilities. Personal liability usually will cover not only the tenants, but anyone that is injured on your property.

The second type of coverage you should consider when you own a vacation rental property is the structure of the rental property as well as your personal property inside the rental. You don’t always know who your tenants are or what they may accidently damage or even steal. Vacation rental properties usually are fully furnished including appliances and having those furnishings stolen or damaged can be expensive to fix or replace. Furnishing for your rental home can be large investment. Having personal property coverage can help you maintain your furnished vacation rental to its original furnished state.

Vacation rental insurance in Lake Tahoe companies may also be able to offer business interrupted coverage. If your rental property becomes unusable for a period of time, this type of coverage can help with the loss of renter income you experience. For example, if you own a coastal vacation rental and the property is badly damaged in a hurricane, this type of coverage can help cover the loss of income that occurs while your rental property is being repaired. Business interrupted insurance can help you maintain the same type of financial income you were getting before the disaster occurred.

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