Reading Books to Children is a Valuable Lesson

by | Apr 25, 2013 | education

One of the most enjoyable experiences of a child is to have their parent or loved one read them stories. All children, even before they can talk understand the magic of books and the stories that they can tell. Many parents even begin reading to their children even before they are born. Believe it or not, in the womb, the baby can actually hear the story being read. Obviously there is no comprehension there, but there is certainly a bit of comfort that the baby has when they hear their parent read them a story.

Now as the baby gets older and begins to recognize their name as well as their image they begin to develop a curiosity about themselves. When adults speak their name they begin to understand that that is their name that is being spoken. When a child reaches this stage in their life when they begin to recognize their name one thing that parents can do is to go and purchase child story books online.

Personalized Books

One way to enhance the experience of reading to a child when they get to the age of recognizing their own name is to purchase personalized books. These books are written with the child’s name as the central character of the book. Many books include more than just the child’s name. They may also include personalized content like the child’s birthday, parent’s names, or even their friend’s names.

Children will absolutely be delighted to hear a story that is actually about them. This will also increase their attention level during the reading of the story. On top of that it actually helps the child to learn to read sooner because they are following along closely and learning sentence structure.

Purchasing Personalized Books

In order to purchase child story books online that are personalized, a person just needs to find a publisher that can print the personalized book for them. They simply take down all of the needed information like the child’s name, birthday, family names and friends. Once the publisher has that information they can then run the book through the press.

What’s even better is if a person can find licensed books of characters that the child knows such as the Sesame Street characters. This is absolutely something that will instantly grab the child’s attention because not only is the story about them, but the other characters in the story are ones that the child is very familiar with.

Reading a child is a joyful time. Reading a book that is personalized can actually make it a more memorable experience. There are a lot of benefits to reading to a child and even more benefits to reading a personalized book to a child.



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