Are You or a Loved One in Need of an Accident Attorney?

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Serious injuries can result from various types of accidents. Accidents are always preventable, and sometimes, the accident can be attributed to the fault of another. In any case, especially personal injury cases, brain injuries are considered one of the more serious types of injuries one can acquire. A brain injury can affect every facet of life. The brain is the center of operations within the human body, and damage to it can change motor functions, reasoning, speech, and the overall ability to live independently. If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation. An accident attorney Sacramento CA professional can defend your rights to a fair settlement.

Types of TBIs
Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, is most common among accident victims. Naturally, brain injuries vary in severity, depending on the circumstances of the accident. The effects of minor brain injuries, such as a concussion, are generally temporary. Head injuries are normally categorized based on whether or not the injury is open or closed. Closed injuries include damages that occurred as the result of the brain being shaken violently within the skull. Concussions, hematomas, and contusions are considered closed head injuries. Open head injuries involve skull fracture and penetration of the brain tissue, and can cause a considerable amount of damage to the person’s cognitive abilities.

Lasting Effects

All head injuries are treated seriously, as they have the potential to be life altering. The physical damage of a brain injury can often be mended, but the potential lasting effects cannot. The list of complications that can arise after sustaining such an injury is lengthy. Frequent headaches, nausea, and speech impairment can plague victims of closed head injuries. In cases of open head injuries, victims may face seizures, paralysis, mental illness, and possibly coma and death.  If your life or the life of a loved one has been forever changed due to an accident and another person’s carelessness, an accident lawyer Sacramento CA is an irreplaceable asset when it comes to getting what you deserve.

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