Individuals who have multiple missing teeth can benefit greatly by getting dentures. People who wear dentures can chew their food better, and they can eat a larger variety of foods than when they had missing teeth. Dentures also make a person look younger because missing teeth cause the area around the mouth to sag. Many adults are embarrassed when talking to other people when they have gaps in their mouth because of missing teeth. To learn additional information about the benefits of Affordable Dentures in Mt Pleasant, SC, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) Why do people look older when they have missing teeth and how do dentures help?

A.) When a person loses a tooth, the teeth that are right next to the open area will gradually begin to lean into the open space. After awhile, these teeth will also become loose and eventually fall out or have to be pulled. When teeth are missing, the jawbone begins to slowly deteriorate because of the lack of use. When the teeth are in place, chewing keeps the jawbone stimulated and healthy. As the jawbone deteriorates and shrinks, it causes the face to sag. When a person has dentures in place, this appliance helps to restore the health of the jawbone and keeps the facial muscles from drooping.

Q.) Are there health benefits associated with wearing dentures?

A.) Wearing affordable dentures in Mt Pleasant, SC not only helps a person’s appearance, but it also keeps them healthier. When it’s difficult or impossible for people to chew different kinds of foods, they don’t eat as much, and they fail to get the proper nutrition they need. Types of foods that are difficult to eat with missing teeth include meats, crunchy vegetables, and hard fruits. When a person wears dentures, they can easily eat foods from all of the basic food groups, and this provides adequate nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to speak with a dentist about getting dentures that are affordable, contact the dental office of Solomon Family Dentistry. After a consultation with the dentist, you can soon begin enjoying the benefits of wearing dentures.