Going to traditional colleges & universities is not possible for many, owing to their busy schedules. In such cases, online colleges are the right option, because they offer quality degree programs along with great flexibility. Online colleges offer numerous online degree programs and courses to choose from. They have a wide selection of courses that would suit the budgets and busy schedules of independent learners. One of the major advantages offered by an online college is convenience, both from the perspective of studying at home as well as studying according to a personally convenient schedule. We will now discuss a few popular online colleges that offer helpful online degree programs.

Popular Online Colleges

  • Kaplan University: It is one of the favorite online universities among students. This university has excellent staff and offers great online degree programs.
  • Baker College Online: This famous online college introduces a new way to achieve associate’s degree and master’s degree online. It is the most reasonably priced online college, and helps you to earn online degrees easily.
  • Westwood College Online: This University has a very good reputation and offers bachelors and associates degree programs. Westwood College has a good education system, and helps its students in searching for jobs upon completion of their online degree programs.
  • University of Phoenix: This University is completely online, that is, it only offers online certificates and degrees. It has a wide variety of online degree programs. Although these online degree programs are quite expensive, they are very well organized.
  • Capella University: Capella University provides numerous online degree programs, and is a leader in variety. This university offers well-regarded degree programs in online learning environment.
  • Walden University: Established in 1970, Walden University offers a wide variety of degree programs that are a bit expensive. Advanced degrees programs offered by this university include information technology, public administration, management, psychology, health and human services programs.
  • Everest University: This University offers numerous online degree programs, and helps its students in enhancing their earning potential. Everest University recruits qualified professionals having specific expertise as teachers. This university offers online degree programs in Healthcare, Information Technology, Business Administration, and Trade Skills.
  • Saint Leo University: This College only offers master’s degree programs, and has some of the most popular online master’s degree program. Saint Leo University offers great online degree programs and occupies the top position, among online colleges providing master’s degree.
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh: If you want to earn an online college degree in a creative subject, then this institution is perfect for you. They are the leaders in art degrees and provide online degree programs that are not found anywhere else.