Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing Industrial Valves

by | May 4, 2019 | industrial

Many types of contractors and construction services use industrial valves, pipes, and fittings in the services they offer to their customers. This may be materials and supplies in specialized industries such as food and beverage production, refineries, distilleries or waterworks or even in the power generation and process plants.

Depending on where you are located, and the location of the project, finding industrial valves may be a central factor. Not all areas of the country have industrial suppliers, some only offer general supply services with limited inventory and very limited selection in uncommon or industrial sized valves and fittings.

The Online Ordering Mistake

While it is possible to order industrial valves online, this is a risky proposition for any contractor. Ordering online through a trusted, reliable, US-based industrial supply company is safe, but ordering in large bulk orders through international websites is risky at best.

Not only is there the concern with the turnaround time on the orders as well as shipping issues, but there is also a very real issue with the valves meeting standards. In working with a US-based industrial supply service specializing in the industry, buyers are assured of both quality as well as adherence to all industry standards and regulations meeting US building codes.

Some distributors of pipe, valves, and fittings also offer products for international projects. These companies can be invaluable in making sure the products ordered meet the building requirements of the country.

Choosing Valves Based on Price

It is important for contractors and procurement managers to focus on the price of all components and materials used in all aspects of a project. Price, however, should not be the deciding factor, but one of a number of factors to consider.

Look instead to companies that offer competitive pricing, fast turnaround times and an excellent reputation in going the extra mile for their customers.

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