Whether you’re making pulled pork or pork chops, you want your meat to have a lot of flavor. One way to achieve this is by creating a rub for the meat that is applied before it’s cooked. You can buy a pork rub in Columbus, GA, or you can make your own rub at home with a few seasonings.

Classic Favorites
If you want a sweet taste on your pork, then make a Carolina rub. The rub includes a small amount of vinegar that’s combined with sugar and salt. You can also add a small amount of dry mustard to give your pork rub a flavorful kick. Another popular rub is one from Memphis. This type includes more pepper and smoky flavors including chili powder and similar ingredients instead of the sweet and tangy notes from sugar and vinegar. Both of these rubs are ideal for larger pieces of pork.

Back to Basics
When you want to enjoy the flavors of the meat more than the spices that are on the outside, then look for a basic pork rub in Columbus, GA, that you can expand on with your own spices. You’re usually going to find salt and pepper in the rub along with pepper flakes and paprika. These spices can deliver a beautiful crust on the outside of the meat along with locking in the natural juices of the pork.

Bring out heavier flavors by making a garlic rub with only a few spices. You’re going to use quite a bit of garlic powder, garlic salt, and fresh garlic in this rub, so be prepared to combine subtle flavors with the ingredient as well. Brown sugar can be added to the rub to tame the garlic if it’s too strong. Try to get the garlic as fine as possible so that it sticks to the pork a bit better.