Is it frequent colds or is it allergies that are making this child miserable for months of the year? What are the allergens causing the child’s discomfort? A parent may not be able to find out the cause of their child’s symptoms without the help of a pediatric allergist in Starkville MS. Once the cause of the child’s illness is found, it can be treated. How can a parent know that their child is allergic to dairy, apples, or peanut butter? There are tests used by a pediatric allergist in Starkville MS to find exactly what a child is reacting to.

Allergies Are Tricky

All the additives in food and fabric treatments in clothing make it more likely a small child will develop allergies. Then, if we add all the pollen in the air, air pollution, and natural foods that little ones can be allergic to, the list may seem endless. But, a pediatric allergist has all the diagnostic tools needed to narrow down what the cause of allergic symptoms may be. The parent may be asked to keep a diary of foods the child is being fed and other materials they become exposed to.

The possibilities for children’s allergies may not be known to a parent, but the allergist has seen them all. The experience of dealing with children who are allergic to a wide range of materials is very helpful. Once the doctor has a record of what the child has been eating and exposed to, they can begin the process of finding the exact culprit.


Treatment for childhood allergies can take several forms. Avoidance is one way to limit allergic reactions. For instance, the child can avoid eating foods they have an allergy to. The parent can eliminate other materials that bring allergic symptoms. There are shots and pills to treat other allergies. Additional allergy treatments can be tried. The doctor will have a full range of medications and treatment options available.

Living with Allergies As a Child

A pediatric allergist can find the cause of a child’s allergies and help them to live with them. Learning to avoid certain foods may help. Medication might not be pleasant but can make a big difference in a child’s quality of life. The allergist can help each child live a better, healthier life with strategies that have been tested and proven to be effective. Contact us for more information.