Knowing When It’s Time for a Community Providing Family Care Services

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Assisted Living

Elderly men and women can have no apparent health problems when they start showing significant signs of memory and other cognitive issues. The family has probably noticed memory troubles over the years but hoped it would not progress further. It may be time to move this person to a high-quality community providing family care services in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

When an elderly individual lives alone, it could be a long time before relatives or friends realize how troubling the problem has become. Many men and women with dementia become skilled at hiding their memory issues. They pretend everything is fine and that they recognize people they don’t actually remember.

Close family members must pay attention to odd incidents and behavior. It should become clear when their loved one must be evaluated by a doctor for the possibility of dementia. Eventually, looking for assisted living communities providing family care services in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, may be advisable.

The person may forget about important events, such as the upcoming wedding of a grandchild. People with dementia might ask repetitive questions to which they’ve already been given the answer, sometimes several times a day. They may call familiar objects by unusual names.

One day, this individual might get lost after going to a familiar place, like a nearby grocery store or a park in the neighborhood. That often is the final signal that prompts adult children to look for an assisted living community with memory care service. Information about one of these communities is offered at their website.

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