While many Washington homeowners may not realize it, the drains in their kitchen sinks and bathrooms see a lot of abuse over time. From grime and dirt washed off their bodies in the bathroom, to food and filth washed down their kitchen sink, a drain can experience a lot of nasty elements throughout its lifetime. Most of the time a homeowner will neglect the state of their drains, for the simple fact that it’s not something that they think about during their everyday routines. As long as a sink doesn’t clog, most homeowners will go about their regular activities without paying it any mind at all. When a sink’s drain does start to clog up, causing water to stand in the sink, that’s usually when a homeowner will realize their mistake in ignoring the drains in their home.

The age of your plumbing fixtures can be a large factor in your Washington home. Older plumbing fixtures for sinks, tubs, and other drain areas, are often made of reliable materials but aren’t designed with the modern homeowner in mind. Oftentimes this can cause problems when it comes to modern personal hygiene in the bathroom. It’s often a good idea for a homeowner to update their home’s plumbing in the event that the home has older fixtures, to make it easier to maintain their home’s plumbing and help prevent the need for Plumbing services in Port Orchard WA. This can help prolong the rest of their home’s plumbing, especially where sewer and septic lines are concerned.

When a drain does clog up, causing water to stand in a sink or tub, it can often cause a lot of water damage. Not only can it create physical damage in the home, it can also cause pipes to have too much pressure in them when other portions of the plumbing are used in other areas of the home. Plumbing all flows in one direction, and usually it flows along one main pipe towards the outside of a home. If a sink or tub has a clog in their drain somewhere along your plumbing, anything before it in another room will put pressure on the plumbing between them if used. This is why it’s often a good idea to get Plumbing Services in Port Orchard WA done as soon as a clog first appears, to help prevent any collateral damage to other areas of plumbing in the home.