Young couples marrying for the first time and second timers who blend families can gift their heirs estate planning from the start of the marriages. Probate lawyers help clients of all ages, asset levels and family styles protect legacies.

Be Realistic

People envision and remember their younger years for the celebrations: college graduations, first jobs, weddings and births. However, life can be unpredictable and different for everyone. If a spouse passes or becomes incapacitated accidentally, a new reality sets in and people are often unprepared.

Plan Early

Estate planning is not only for the older, rich and established. It may be more important for couples just starting out. Plan for life without each other or how you will look after children in the event of catastrophe.

After the wedding, the next important planning should include an estate planing attorney in Topeka, KS, couples can trust. They can help establish:

  • Wills
  • Living wills
  • Durable powers of attorney (healthcare and financial)

Plan Later

Middle-aged and senior marriages are on the rise. Older newlyweds have been in the workforce longer and raised families already. Their assets and concerns have matured.

They need a proven estate planing attorney in Topeka, KS, families can rely on to secure generations. An experienced, forward-thinking probate law firm must supervise their wills, trusts and powers for stepchildren, grandchildren and long-term care planning.

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