Important Check List for Creating New Business Cards

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Printing

If you are looking to create new business cards for you and your professional career, then you will likely find that these important, small tools can be essential to helping you move your professional life forward. However, the thing to keep in mind with business cards is that it is very important that you not only have business cards but that you have the right business cards. Unfortunately there are a number of mistakes that many people make sure the business card creation and printing process.

These mistakes aren’t always with the design of your cards either. Once you have decided on a design for your business cards, you will want to make sure that you approach the printing process of your card properly as well. By the time you reach the printing stage of the business card creation process you will want to be sure you have clearly edited your business card for errors, but this is not the only thing you will need to make sure you cover. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to getting your business cards printed.

Choosing a Professional Printing Company

There are some people who may think that skipping out on professional printing services is a way to save on the creation of their business cards. This is almost always a poor idea. The good news is when it comes to getting business cards printed by a professional printing company the cost is often much lower than many people assume. If you fail to get your cards professionally printed you can have issues with the print quality, smearing and even the edges of the card. All of these things can make you look non-professional and defeat the purpose of having a business card in the first place.

Selecting the Right Color Scheme

Before you have the business cards printed, make sure you let others take a look at your cards and at the colors you are using in these cards. The color scheme and the way in which the color of your card and the color of your font interact is very important. You may think that its easy to ready, but others may have issues so make sure you have someone look over your business card first to be sure they can read it.

Picking Out the Right Paper

The paper you choose for your business cards is very important and should be durable and stiff with a little flexibility as well. Make sure that you talk to the printing company you are considering about the paper used and that you always go for a high quality paper with your business cards as cards that are too thin can make you look unprofessional.


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