Does your vision of a laser-cutting operation involve massive equipment that is suitable for the larger industrial setting or a long-standing commercial provider? If so, you’re certainly not alone. This is often regarded as a manufacturing process that must be considered as a major machinery investment that will in short order give you an attractive return on investment.

Your Option

Suppose, for the moment, that you could have a desktop laser cutter that would produce designs and patterns with amazing accuracy and have it in a size that fits your setting? Now you can stop “supposing” and get just the equipment you need. Just visit the website of a trusted and experienced supplier that’s leading the industry in laser technology equipment of all sizes for all applications. You can create detailed patterns on many surfaces with a desktop version of this proven technology.

Purchase a business-level desktop laser cutter with a footprint of 52” x 36” that works at just 100W to 150W or an entry-level CO2 laser engraver with a 24” x 16” footprint. This one operates at 40W to 100W and includes a mobile stand to provide the stability you need. With one of these options, it’s possible to produce the same accurate patterns and cutting that you’d expect from the largest, computer-driven industrial equipment.

Beyond Traditional

When you need a level of precision and the quality edges that larger equipment delivers but want to do the same work in less space, the desktop laser cutter takes you beyond traditional cutting processes. You can produce complex patterns and shapes without setup and tooling and do it at remarkable speed.

You won’t have to worry about workplace or piece contamination with the newest laser technologies. Call today to discuss your specific desktop laser cutter requirements with a knowledgeable professional. It’s the wise choice.