How to Find a Reliable Auto Repair Shop in Garland, TX

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

When your car begins acting weird or making strange noises, you know it’s time to find a trustworthy Garland auto repair shop. But, car owners are often scared to leave their car with an unknown mechanic. There tends to be a negative stigma surrounding auto technicians. There’s no doubt that there are some unreliable auto repair shops out there, however this fear is unnecessary most of the time. You can put your mind at ease by knowing what to look for in an auto repair shop in Garland, TX.

1. Choose a Repair Facility With ASE Certified Mechanics

While any shop may be able to repair your vehicle, not all are ASE certified.

In order for a mechanic to become ASE certified they must have two years of work experience and excel in one specialty area. In addition, they must renew their certification every five years. Lastly, the technician must pass tests on a variety of systems such as brakes, heating and cooling systems, and the drive train. With the rigorous testing and educational requirements, you can be sure your car is in safe hands with an ASE certified automotive mechanic.

2. Choose a Clean Auto Repair Shop

You’ve probably encountered dirty or smelly auto shops. Maybe the employees were dirty, wearing soiled uniforms. Perhaps the employees treated you rudely, like you’re a nuisance. Not every auto shop in Garland is like that.

Be sure to look for an auto repair shop in Garland, TX that is clean and organized. The shop is a reflection on how they will handle your car. An organized auto repair shop is an indication of the organization of the people who will be working on your car.

3. Choose a Repair Shop with a Good Reputation

Reputation is everything, whether the reputation is good or bad. You should look for reviews online, talk to friends and family, and find out how people feel about an auto repair shop before you bring your car in. There will always be a few bad reviews, to be sure to take a wider sampling of recommendations. A shop with a good reputation won’t have anything to hide and most will refer you to a happy customer for more information.

Finding a reliable mechanic may seem to be a daunting task. However, once you find an auto repair shop in Garland, TX that you can trust, you’ll have peace of mind for the future.

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