How To Choose The Right Backup Generator For Home

by | Oct 27, 2021 | generators

Many home and business owners have a generate on-site to provide backup power in case of an electrical outage. If that generator is going to be ready when you need it, generator maintenance in Lake Forest is essential. It is a good idea to start up the generator on at least a quarterly basis. This gets the parts going, lubricates everything and helps you to identify any unusual sounds or smells that might indicate a problem. Our technicians can do this for you as a part of routine maintenance.

A well-maintained generator will last for a long time. It will also be ready at a moment’s notice when you need it. Lake Forest has a variety of weather conditions, which puts the community at an increased risk for power outages. Severe spring and summer storms could cause tree damage, hail damage or lightning strikes that wreak havoc on the power grid. A home or business could be out of power for one or several days. Meanwhile, all of the refrigerated and frozen food and essential systems such as sump pumps cannot work. The generator powers these critical appliances.

Generator maintenance also ensures that the system is ready to perform in sub-freezing weather conditions. Lake Forest’s location also makes it prone to severe winter weather, including ice storms, strong winds, and heavy snowfall. Strong winter storms could knock out power, leaving you and your family or employees in the cold. With a standby generator, key systems such as heating remain functional. A properly operating generator could make a big difference in your safety and comfort during an electrical outage. A regular maintenance routine ensures that your household or commercial generator is ready.

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