Fuel-Efficient Design Highlighted By 15KW Diesel Generator Usage

by | May 17, 2021 | generators

One of the industry’s best-kept secrets runs quietly and at a lower RPM than other similar products. The 15kW diesel generator works best for residential and light commercial applications, so when you need a quiet generator, this is one of the best options on the market. Fuel efficiency functions ensure that diesel fuel is used sparingly. As a standby option, it can be accessed remotely through mobile devices.

Specs go beyond just numbers and related data. Electric/digital governor controls regulate voltage frequencies and load response times. Monitoring and managing the breadth of controls through the LCD screen is simple and straightforward. A resistant metallic enclosure makes the 15kW diesel generator an ideal product for more extreme conditions. Businesses on the coast or near saltwater won’t have to worry about product failure because of the environment. When it comes down to it, durability reigns supreme.

Need a 12-volt auto start system, or low oil alert monitoring? Go with a 15,000 watt, single-phase, concrete mounted machine with great run times and automatic transfer switch mechanics. A double wall-based tank makes the generator code ready throughout a number of industries.

The engine along with the starting system comes with warranties for both consumer and commercial interests. Between the 1800 RPM rating, the 2500 CC capacity, and the liquid cooling system, the 15kW generator contains all of the features required to keep the power going. It’s even better when the product comes directly to the consumer straight from the manufacturer. Know what the status of the machine at any given time using Wi-Fi-enabled services.

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