Your dentist can do an X-ray and perform an exam to see if there are current problems with your wisdom teeth or if there will be some in the future. Studies have even shown that early detection can be the key to correcting issues. Dentists first start looking at the wisdom teeth when a patient is in their teen years.

The Purpose Of Your Teeth

Adults have 32 teeth. All of your teeth have a specific function. The teeth that sit in the front of your mouth grasp and bite food so that they can turn into smaller pieces. Your back teeth help you chew your food so that you can swallow it. The last teeth to appear in your mouth are your wisdom teeth. If they’re healthy, your wisdom teeth do not need to get removed. But most patients do end up getting them removed. That’s because the average adult mouth can only hold 28 teeth.

When Should You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Getting oral surgery in West Loop to get your wisdom teeth removed is necessary if the teeth can’t erupt properly. Your wisdom teeth might grow sideways. They might not fully emerge from your gums. Your wisdom teeth might even get trapped under your bone and gums.

Why You Should Get Your Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removed

When your wisdom teeth only partially erupt, this opening lets bacteria grow in the area. This could cause an infection that will require oral surgery in West Loop to fix. Erupting wisdom teeth can mess up the natural alignment of your other teeth. All of these problems can be solved if your wisdom teeth get removed before any problems show up.

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