Gain the Greatest Impact from Your Trade Show Exhibit Booths

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Many businesses attend trade shows as a way to network with other complementary businesses and to reach out to a targeted audience who will attend the show. At each trade show, each company will have its own booth to showcase what they can offer to customers. Because there are so many high quality trade show exhibit booths, it is up to your business to make sure yours is attractive to those who will pass by, encouraging them to stop and speak with you.

Knowledgeable Staff

Some companies like to send employees who are lower on the totem pole to sit in their trade show booths because they don’t think the higher employees will be willing to attend these shows, especially if they take place outside normal working hours. However, no matter who you choose to send, it is important to choose employees who know a lot about your company and are able to talk to people about what you can offer. Sending employees who are the most outgoing is also important.


People love when trade show exhibit booths offer interactive elements. Some companies choose to compose videos to play during the trade show so everyone can see what they have to offer. Others supply surveys or use other interactive feature to really engage your audience. When you only have a couple of employees available in your booth to talk to people, it is beneficial to have interactive elements to hold attendees’ attention until someone can speak with them.

Accessible Information

It can be tempting to keep your informational documents to yourself to personally hand out when you talk to someone. However, not everyone is going to take the time to sit and talk with you. Therefore, you need to make sure you also offer informational documents on the table so anyone can take one without having to go through you. These documents can include brochures, fact sheets, business cards and catalogs. Hosting trade show exhibit booths can be a rewarding experience as long as it is done correctly. When you set up your booth, it is vital to make sure you staff it with employees who know a lot about your business and can easily hold a conversation with just about anyone. You should also find a way to implement interactive elements into your booth and provide informational documents on the table so everyone can take one if they wish without having to actually talk to someone.

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