Fugitive Recovery Agents and How They Work with a Bail Bonds Agent in Troy, NY

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There are many television shows nowadays that present fugitive recovery agents, otherwise known as bounty hunters, tracking down fugitives and leading an exciting life while doing so. However, this is often not the case. Most fugitive recovery agents don’t carry fancy weapons or serve as modern warriors when tracking down defendants. They work with a bail bonds agent in Troy, NY to find the missing defendant and bring them before the court. What must a person do to take on this role and why is this an important function in the justice system?

The Training of a Fugitive Recovery Agent

A person cannot simply decide they will go after a person who has skipped bail. In order to work as a fugitive recovery agent, most states require the aspirant to go through a training program and successfully pass an exam. Many agents working in this capacity choose to take training through a handful of organizations, such as the National Institute of Bail Enforcement or the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents.

What the Bounty Hunter Does

The bounty hunter, often referred to as a ‘bail recovery agent’ or ‘fugitive apprehension agent’, works to locate and capture individual accused of a crime. This step is only taken when the defendant has failed to appear in court as required or has violated one or more terms and conditions of the bail as established by the court. The bail bonds agent in Troy, NY retains the fugitive recovery agent to bring the defendant to justice, and the bounty hunter takes on this job for a fee. Often, the fee is ten to twenty percent of the bail amount.

Fugitive apprehension agents play an important role in the legal system today. They protect the public by bringing defendants in when they do not abide by the bail terms and conditions. However, certain states ban these agents, such as Oregon and Kentucky. For this reason, make certain you are working with an agent licensed in the state where the bail was provided. Visit website to learn more about the process, what it entails, and how it may be of benefit to any person who is obtaining bail for a loved one.

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