Budgeting, expenses, debt, saving, retirement and insurance are all topics that relate to money and financial planning.  It is important for an individual to understand how these topics work together and affect each other when it comes to laying the base to construct a firm financial foundation for an individual’s future.  Budgeting is an important aspect of money.  It is important for individuals to know how to manage their money once they have made it.  All money that an individual makes should be budgeted on a daily basis.  A spread sheet should be created so that individuals are aware of how much money they have coming in each day and how much they are spending.  Before making the decision to spend money, an individual should think about the decision and decide if it is the best decision to make and understand that once the money is spent, it will not be able to be spent on other items.

As part of a financial plan, being able to cut expenses is an important action for individuals to be able to do.  Once individuals are able to cut their spending on unneeded items, they will see the result of the unspent money accumulate in their bank account or other account where they are saving their money.  If an individual finds that he or she is in debt, creating a financial plan to help reduce the amount of debt they are in will be beneficial to them in the long run.  When individuals understand that they should not spend more money than they have coming in, they will be able to help themselves get out of whatever debt they may be in by refocusing their funds in a manner that will help them.

When creating a person’s financial plan and thinking of getting an individual out of debt, it should be agreed upon that the person will pay more than the minimum amount due each month on their credit card bills or other bills that have accumulated over time.  If an individual pays the minimum amount due, he or she will not see the bill deplete for a very long time.  Being able to put forth an extra few dollars on paying down a debt will make a person feel better in the long run about their financial situation.

An important part of a financial plan is saving for retirement.  Even if an individual’s place of employment offers them a retirement plan, it is still important for them to create their own savings account and plan for their future.  Even if an individual places a small amount of money into an account each month, this is better than putting absolutely nothing into an account.  By creating a savings account and not taking money out of that account, it should be somewhat of a relief for an individual to know that they do have a little savings for their future.


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