Field Fastener Provides Vendor-Managed Inventory Systems and Solutions

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Fasteners Supply

For those currently after a professional inventory management system, Field Fastener is here to assist you. This business seeks to establish positive long-term relationships with clients of all stripes and offers top-notch vendor-managed inventory systems to help you reduce things like cost, procurement time, and overhead. Field uses a data-driven approach in order to fulfill production goals, and you can expect real-time communication between your inventory and Field’s global supply base. Prices are very competitive and based on the current market. With VMI, the supplier takes responsibility for the buyer’s inventory at their location. This makes inventory management much easier, and also ensures that the proper parts are in stock when needed. In the long run, VMI can save you money and contribute to a more efficient operation overall.

Field offers a number of different VMI systems, based on your needs. Bin stocking, EDI, point of use, and consignment are just several of the available options. If necessary, they even have the option of custom VMI to match the situation. Field’s inventory management system improves information accuracy, minimizes auditing costs, and includes performance review for greater transparency. Field also provides a proprietary ROI+ app for greater logistic support. Field’s services are available globally, and its data-driven approach will help your business forecast more accurately. Field is committed to continual improvement and growth, and focuses on solution-oriented methods, stopping problems before they begin. The expert team is always ready to help you, valuing communication and professionalism. See how Field can save you time, money, and streamline your workflow.

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