Are you a specialty hat connoisseur and are now looking to add to your repertoire of beautiful and useful hats? Have you always been known for your exceptional taste when it comes to wearing the best types of hats for any occasion? Are you now looking for a type of hat that mimics the sentiments of a fedora-style hat but with added distinction? If you answered yes, then you may want to add a trilby hat to your collection. Here are two distinct characteristics between a fedora and a trilby hat.


One of the key characteristics between a fedora and a trilby hat is that a trilby hat has a shorter and narrower brim than that of a fedora. Some hat connoisseurs, like yourself, typically refer to the brims of trilby hats to have stingy brims. Trilby hats are also distinctly known for brims that are permanently fixed down and set in a more severe angle than a fedora.


Another distinct characteristic between a fedora hat and a trilby is the crown. A fedora hat will typically have a shallower crown with an inward dent. In contrast, a magill trilby hat’s crown is a bit pointier and taller.

When to Choose a Fedora or Trilby

While these hats have some similar qualities, they aren’t interchangeable. While a trilby is worn toward the back of the head, the fedora sits more forward and provides better protection for your eyes. The trilby is also a more casual hat while the fedora is fitting for both casual and more formal occasions.