Enjoy Indoor Bulbs in an Indoor Garden

by | Mar 19, 2013 | home-and-garden

While most people think of the outdoors when they think of gardening, there are others who prefer to garden indoors for a variety of reasons. Whether it is too difficult for you to get outside or you just want to add some color to your home, indoor bulbs can be just the flowers you need. Being able to plant a garden inside your home takes some extra work but is worth it in the end.

Cool, Dark Start

When you first plant the bulbs inside, you need to allow them to go through their dormancy period. This requires a cool, dark place to start the growing process. In many cases, the garage is the perfect location. A refrigerator can also be a suitable location, especially if it is one you don’t use often. The cool temperatures and darkness allow the bulb to start growing the plants. Keep the bulb watered but only water it when the soil is dry to avoid overwatering.


Once the sprouts from the indoor bulbs have broken through the surface, it is time to bring the pots into the light to continue the growth. However, you still want to keep the temperatures on the cool side. However, the light will help the plants to grow taller and closer to bloom. Just like the cooling period, be sure you give the bulb sufficient water. Be careful not to soak it or you can cause the bulb to rot.


As the sprouts grow and are close to their blooms, you can move the plant to a warm, light location. This will encourage the flowers to bloom more quickly. This can allow you to experience the beauty of these flowers that typically bloom in spring inside at any time of the year. This will allow you to have a beautiful garden indoors, even if it is cold and snowy outside.

The beauty of spring flowers is something many people enjoy. However, when they only bloom for a short time in the spring, it can be difficult to fully enjoy them. You can bring the beauty of these indoor bulbs into your home by using a specific process to encourage the flowers to grow in the warmth of your home, just as they would when spring arrives each year. As long as you can closely mimic the conditions they go through outdoors, you can have a successful indoor garden.





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