End of Season Repairs to Make to Your Air Conditioner Unit in Ravenswood

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Air Conditioning Service, Heating Contractor

As the summer comes to an end, it can be tempting to simply switch off your air conditioning system and cover it up for the winter. After all, with the colder weather, you no longer have to use it until the arrival of warmer weather in the late spring.

However, before you turn off your AC, you can help it survive the winter and be ready to turn on again next year with end-of-season maintenance. With timely air conditioner repair near Ravenswood homeowners can spare themselves costly expenses next year when they turn back on the AC.

Changing Out the Filters

When it comes to air conditioner repair near Ravenswood, clients can ask that the filters be changed before the start of winter. After taking in and blowing out air all summer long, the filters inside the unit and ventilation system can become clogged. Their function can be compromised with because of a buildup of debris like dirt, dander, dust and yard clippings.

The AC technician can take out the old filters and put in new ones before covering up the unit for the winter. The filters will be ready to use when you turn on the AC again next spring.

Refilling the Coolant

Your home’s AC unit operates in part because of the Freon in its reservoir. After a season of running almost nonstop, the Freon could be nearly depleted. When you turn the system back on next year, it could blow out hot rather than cold air.

The technician can refill the Freon back up to its required level. It will not freeze during the cold weather and will be able to keep your home cool.

You can learn more about seasonal maintenance and repairs for your home’s air conditioner online. Contact American Home Heating & Air Conditioning for more information today.

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