Determining to Have Your Dog Spay and Neuter Chandler AZ

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Business

Many dog owners have the same questions when it comes to their dog getting spay and neuter Chandler AZ area. Some wonder if they should, others are not certain how their pet will feel or recover, and still more don’t believe it’s a necessary surgery to have done. If you happen to be a dog breeder that raises and sells dogs as a way of life, then you would be the only exception. Having this procedure done to your dog is important, and is also not as crude as you might think. Both male and female dogs can suffer tremendously if they are not properly spayed or neutered.

Probably one of the most common reasons as to why you should have your dog spay and neuter Chandler AZ is because of the stray dog population. There are a lot of puppies that end up in shelters as a result of un-neutered dogs. And as time goes on these puppies are euthanized because no one wants to adopt them. As a dog lover, this alone should be enough for you to have your pet get the surgery.

Another reason you might want to reconsider having your dog spay and neuter Chandler AZ area is because the male dogs tend to run away from home and roam. They roam in search of female dogs in heat to mate with. This increases the stray dog population, and it also has potential danger for your dog as he could be lost or picked up by animal control.

To spay and neuter Chandler AZ also has many health benefits. The female dogs could suffer the chances of getting mammary cancers if they are not spayed. You should speak with your vet to determine the right age to have your dog spayed. If your dog is older and you’re still considering it, you are making a great choice for your pet.

If you don’t have a vet that specializes in spay and neuter Chandler AZ area you should begin y our search to find one. You can check local directories or ask other pet owners where they take their pets. Given the fact that these procedures could have a positive outcome for your dog you should be more than willing to have it done. If you’re having difficulties understanding the procedure or any other health concerns you should always consult with a highly qualified and trained vet in the area.

While to humans, spay and neuter Chandler AZ might seem like a horrible thing to do to your pets, you’ll be surprised. Not having the procedure done can seriously affect your dog and even cause them to live a shorter life as a result of diseases. Knowing the facts and dismissing the many myths about these surgeries is your first step to overcoming your fear.

The only time that spay and neuter Chandler AZ area should not be done to your dog is if you plan to have puppies, breed puppies, or sale them. However even in that instance you have to be careful. There are several instances in which the puppies don’t sell as you expected and then you’re left taking them to a shelter.


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